There are many ways you can help wildlife — by living harmoniously with your wild neighbors and by helping St. Francis Wildlife.

You can help local injured, orphaned and sick wildlife at St. Francis Wildlife by:

- Volunteering your time
- Attending our events
- Donating items on our Wish List
- Making a monetary donation
- St. Francis Wildlife Release Site Program
Do you have a large parcel of property that we could use as a release site for rehabilitated wildlife? Get more information and apply here.

VolunteerIf you are interested in volunteering, please check the link below for information, and then call us at (850) 627-4151.

1. Overview of Volunteer Work (PDF)

2. College interns and high school senior externs, who are at least 18, are also welcome.


St. Francis Wildlife depends almost entirely on donations of caring people like you. You could make a tax deductible donation or have fun shopping for food and supplies from our wish list yourself!



Many of the outdoor cages at St. Francis Wildlife are two decades old and need to be replaced. St. Francis is always looking for friends with carpentry skills to help repair old cages and build new ones.


Are you concerned about an issue affecting wildlife or the environment we share? Write a letter or e-mail, make a telephone call, send a fax, or pay a visit, to the agency involved in the problem, your government representatives, or local newspapers.

Be concise. Get the facts. Stick to one issue. Use your own words. Explain why you feel the way you do and how the issue affects you. Ask the legislator, agency or business to do something specific. Ask for a reply. Be persistent. Your opinion counts, but only if it's heard!