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Portable Cage Plans

All the outdoor cages at St. Francis Wildlife (except for a new songbird aviary built last year by some wonderful boy scouts) are two decades old, and we badly need to replace them. We need people with carpentry skills to help us fix old cages and to build new ones.

If you can help, please contact St. Francis Wildlife's facilities manager Dean Humphrey at 850.627.4151.

Here is our plan for a Portable Cage

Dimensions:  4’ wide x 10’ long x 6’ high.

Description:  This cage design can be used for many different species. It has a two-door system: an outside safety door and entryway and an inside door which leads to the main cage area. One end has a covered roof and a removable shelf for food or nests.

The removable line, used for songbirds, is taken out for squirrels or other animals. We will add trees, logs, perches, nest boxes or other “furniture,” depending on the specific species’ needs.

St. Francis Wildlife needs to build 20 or more of these cages before the “wild baby season” which begins in March. These cages can be transported in a full-size pick up truck, so they can also be built off-site and then brought here. Or if somebody can build only the frame and then transport it to St. Francis Wildlife, we can add the plywood and the hardware cloth. We can also arrange for transportation of the finished cage or frame if you don't have a truck.

If people can donate materials, we would greatly appreciate it, but, if necessary, we will buy the materials and supply it to anyone who can build the cages for us.

Materials List for One Portable Cage
(all lumber is treated)

1  4x8x½” plywood
8  2x4x6
6  2x4x10
8  2x4x8
8  2x2x8
1 gallon porch pain
72’  ¼” hardware cloth, 3’ wide
16’  ¼” hardware cloth, 4’ wide
4   2” slide locks
4  2 ½” hinges
1 lb. 3” screws
1 lb. 1 ½” screws
1 lb. 1 5/8” screws
Staples for staple gun

Materials for Removable Liner Panels Used for Songbirds

1 roll 4’x50’ soft diamond cage mesh, light gauge black (contact St. Francis Wildlife for source)
26  2x2, 8’ long
2 1x2, 8’ long
1 lb. 2 ½” screws
1 lb. 1 5/8” screws

Diagrams are below:



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