Rescuing and Transporting Birds of Prey


If you find a sick, injured, or orphaned bird of prey (hawk, eagle, owl, vulture, falcon or kite), remember that these birds use their powerful feet and sharp talons (claws) as weapons.

A towel, blanket, jacket or any other handy lightweight item (large enough to cover the entire bird) can be used.

Approach the bird from the rear if possible.When close enough, carefully place the towel over the bird. Cover the bird completely. Quickly restrain the bird under the covering. Grasp the tops of both legs (next to the body), holding the feet away from you. Gently fold the bird's wings in a normal position against its body.

Place the bird in a cardboard box into which you have cut ventilation holes. Keep an injured bird warm in cold weather, and out of direct sunlight if it is hot.

If you are not comfortable performing the above procedure to rescue a bird of prey, simply place a box or a laundry basket over the disabled bird of prey, place a brick on top of it, and call us at 850.627.4151. A volunteer will come out to rescue it.

Remember, even a flightless bird can run very quickly, hide in the brush or woods, then slowly die of hunger, so it is necessary to contain it (under the box or basket) before calling us.

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