Eastern Screech Owl, "Red"
Otus asio
QuickTime Video: See and listen to the call of a brown phase eastern screech owl!
Red is an eastern screech owl owl. Screech owls come in three colors: red, grey and brown. She is, as you can see, a red screech owl!
Red lived in the wild with her parents and two siblings in Gadsden County in a dead oak tree (snag) in what was once a squirrel nest.
One morning in April, while both her parents were off hunting, someone came along and chopped down their old tree for firewood. The three fledglings came tumbling down.
The people carefully picked up all three babies, placed them in a box, and took them to St. Francis Wildlife. Her two nest mates were, miraculously, unharmed, but Red's left wing was shattered. Jon Johnson, director of the wildlife rehabilitation center, raised and released the two babies that were unharmed. A veterinarian set and bandaged Red's injured wing, but six weeks later when the bandages were removed, the broken bones had fused together so that her wing was now too stiff to fly.

 St. Francis Wildlife Association