St. Francis Wildlife's Internet Resources and Links

Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation
St. Francis Wildlife Association
Would-be animal rescuers must be cautious
The Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory
The Raptor Center at the University of Minnesota
Carolina Raptor Center
Southeastern Raptor Rehabilitation Center at Auburn
Audubon Center for Birds of Prey
Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Information Center

Land Mammals

Florida's Mammals (Armadillos to Wild Boars!) Field Guides
Bears on the Internet
Florida Panther Net
The Florida Panther Society
Bat Conservation International
Florida Bat Center
Tallahassee Bat House isn't a fly-by-night idea
The National Opossum Society
Squirrels: In a nutshell, how to live with shadowtails

Florida's Breeding Bird Atlas Field Guide
Owls and other birds of prey
Coopers Hawk Ecology in Florida
Eagles in Florida (studies and nest locators)
Birds of Prey: Also, see "Raptor Centers" under "Wildlife Rehabilitation" above
Waterfowl Identification
Ducks at a Distance,A Waterfowl Identification Guide
Crows are curious, smart and misunderstood
Great Florida Birding Trail
Wings Over Florida Birding Program

Reptiles and Amphibians
Florida's Venoumous and Nonvenomous Snakes
Florida Museum of Natural History: HERPETOLOGY Field Guides
Melissa Kaplan's Hardcore Herp Homepage
Lake Jackson Ecopassage
Rattlesnake roundups give children the wrong message
Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission's Marine Turtle Program
Lizards: An expedition with the Museum of Natural History
Fish, Marine Mammals and Aquatic Environments
The Florida Aquarium
Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission's Manatee Program
Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission's Northern Right Whale Program
Virtual Whales
Florida Fish & Wildlife Commission's Freshwater Fish ID & Biology
Joe Budd Aquatic Education Center
Joe Budd wormed its way into kids' hearts
Life on the Reef: An expedition with the Museum of Natural History Field Guides
Spiders and Insects
Florida Spiders Field Guides

Florida Wildflower Page
The Florida Native Plant Society Field Guides

Conservation Organizations, Local, State & National

Coastal Plains Institute
Tall Timbers Research Station
Birdsong Nature Center
Apalachee Audubon Society
Big Bend Group of the Sierra Club
Lake Jackson Ecopassage
Heart of the Earth

Florida Natural Areas Institute (FNAI)
Florida Museum of Natural History
Audubon of Florida
Florida Chapter of the Sierra Club
Florida Wildlife Federation
National Audubon Society
The Sierra Club
The Nature Conservancy
The Trust for Public Land
National Wildlife Federation
Amazing Environmental Organization Web Directory
Birds of Prey
World Center for Birds of Prey
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Page
The Peregrine Fund
Environmental Education

St. Francis Wildlife's Wild Classroom
League of Environmental Educators in Florida
North America Association for Environmental Education
Green Schools
National Association for Humane and Environmental Education
Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Information Cente

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Florida Department of Environmental Protection
Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission
Florida Advisory Council on Environmental Education
Florida Cooperative Extension Service
University of Florida - Florida Wildlife Extensio
Companion Animals

Tallahassee Leon Commmunity Animal Service Center
Find a friend for life at the animal shelter
TREATS, Inc.: Treatment and Resources for Animals in Temporary Shelter
The Humane Society of the United States
The Fund for Animals
More Wild Sites

Journey North

The Smithsonian's National Museum of Natural History
The Great Outdoors Recreation Pages (GORP)
The Appalachian Trail Home Page
Endangered: Exploring a World at Risk
Nature Writing
The writing process is much like the scientific method. The scientist first hypothesizes, then experiments, and finally revises his or her thinking. Donald Murray says the process is first a "pre-vision, then a vision, and finally a revision." . . . Bob Tierney, from "Write to Learn Science"
Publications, Articles and Poetry, by Sandy Beck, Wild Classroom Education Director
Orion Magazine
Green Teacher Magazine
On-line Field Journal: Study nature at home and in the field
Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission Publications
Florida Outdoor Writers Association
Research and Resources for Children and Adults
St. Francis Wildlife's Kids' Korner
Favorite, kid-tested animal sites: puzzles, quizzes, games, stories,
action projects, and lots of information about animals!
Animal Diversity Web
An online database of animal natural history, distribution, classification,
and conservation biology from the University of Michigan.
Humane Society of the United States Wildlife Information Center
Florida Wildlife Magazine Index
Florida Cooperative Extension Service
University of Florida - Florida Wildlife Extension
Ask Jeeves for Kids
A novel and informative search engine for kids
The Learning Web

 St. Francis Wildlife Association

The Wild Classroom