Give a WILD PARTY guests will flock to!

Looking for a unique theme for your birthday, anniversary, wedding, office or holiday party? In lieu of gifts, ask each guest to make a tax-deductible donation to St. Francis Wildlife and help local sick, injured and orphaned wildlife.

For a total donation of at least $500, we will bring a variety of birds of prey -- hawks, owls and falcons -- and present an entertaining wildlife program for guests. Guests can also have their picture taken with a raptor. For 25 guests, that's only $20 each.

For a children's party, a certified (and wild!) teacher will also provide exciting hands-on, make-and-take educational activities: dissect owl pellets (available for an extra charge), use microscopes to examine raptor feathers or create pinecone owls. For a children's party, we ask for a donation of at least $300.

For a WILD PARTY, call 850.562.8542 or e-mail
Please schedule holiday parties early.

Read about two of our successful Wild Parties . . .


Chris and Beth Corum, whose cats hosted a fundraising party for St. Francis Wildlife, with a red-tailed hawk and great horned owl

"My name is Beth Corum. My husband and I are hosting a party on July 19th, and we would like to make it a fundraiser for St. Francis Wildlife. We both have milestone birthdays this year and rather than receive gifts, we would like our friends and family to donate to St. Francis Wildlife. Our cats are hosting, and the theme will be "A Party of Atonement" for the many birds and squirrels they terrorized when they were outdoor animals."


Koby Reed at his 8th birthday party with great horned owl, Bubo

"Traci and I want to thank you for coming; all the boys had a great time. I'm sure they will be talking about it for some time. I know that the parents that were there had a wonderful time as well. One parent even told us after you left that for her birthday she was going to invite St. Francis Wildlife to come to HER birthday party. She was going to invite several of her friends, get some wine, learn about owls, and (most importantly) dissect the owl pellets. She really got into that. She constructed an entire mouse skeleton for her son. It was impressive."

 St. Francis Wildlife Association