The Wild Classroom

Unique wildlife programs for all ages and audiences that educate and entertain.

Sandy Beck with Owl
Boy standing in front of an poster demonstrating the wingspan of a red-tailed hawk

Wild Classroom programs feature live wildlife ambassadors from the St. Francis Wildlife rehabilitation center.

Non-releasable wildlife demonstrate the unique adaptations that enable their species to survive, the challenges they face and what we can do to help them. 

Wild Classroom Brochure

Program descriptions, scheduling and contact information. We offer both live and virtual programs.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, all wildlife programs will be outdoors or virtual.

In keeping with CDC guidelines, to reduce the risk of transmission at outdoor programs, participants will wear a properly fitting face covering and/or maintain a physical space of at least six feet (two arm lengths) in between persons of different household groups. We are also offering our very popular owl program virtually, on Zoom.

Children looking at a snake
Information on Virtual Owl Program
Two Opossums
Box Turtle

Live in harmony with your wild neighbors.

Read St. Francis Wildlife Education Director Sandy Beck's


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